How to Buy Motorcycle Luggage

Some people tend to view motorcycles, fairly or unfairly, as dangerous vehicles. However, owners of motorcycles know that by observing smart safety practices, by wearing a helmet, and by donning other protective gear can greatly lessen their chances of an accident. Motorcycles offer their riders a number of advantages that outweigh the few risk factors.

How to Buy Motorcycle Luggage

The fuel costs, the maintenance costs, and the repair costs for a motorcycle are typically lower than they are for a car. Motorcycles also give their owners a sense of speed and of freedom. They offer riders independence and a convenient method of transportation to work, to the store, to class, or to an out-of-town destination.

If riders plan to take their motorcycle on a road trip spanning one or more nights, they will need some luggage that is specifically designed for use on a motorcycle. eBay is an ideal place to begin any search for motorcycle luggage, since it offers a wide variety of options at a range of affordable prices. This guide will describe how buyers can search for motorcycle luggage on eBay, how they can filter their search results, and how they can best use the various buyer-friendly features that eBay has to offer.

Conducting an eBay Search for Motorcycle Luggage

Typically, people who are shopping online do not have a wealth of extra time. They need to find the ideal product that suits their needs and their budget, and they need to find it quickly. Motorcycle owners may be squeezing in a quick eBay shopping session during their lunch break at work or while waiting for their child to finish a music lesson or a sports practice. For these shoppers, a fast, high-functioning search engine is crucial to a satisfying shopping experience. eBay features a search engine that can interpret buyers' search terms, review eBay’s immense array of products, and return appropriate results all within a few seconds or less, depending on the user’s Internet speed.

Buyers usually start their search on eBay’s homepage by typing a phrase such as "motorcycle luggage" into the search field. However, if buyers decide to refine their search or change it altogether, they do not need to return to the homepage, since the search bar is present on every page of eBay’s website. At any point during their shopping session, buyers can start a new search or refine their current search by adding another keyword, such as "leather motorcycle luggage."

Saving Searches on eBay

eBay is recognized as one of the best places to find affordable, high-quality goods, including motorcycle luggage. Some shoppers like to snap up great deals right away, while others prefer to wait in case a better bargain comes along. Shoppers who want to watch the listings for a while before buying can save their search. This allows eBay to send them notifications every time that a seller posts a new listing for motorcycle luggage. When buyers receive the notification, they can click the link to the new listing and examine the products. If the price looks right and the motorcycle luggage meets all of the buyers’ criteria, they can choose to purchase it right away.

Using Filters to Narrow Search Results

When buyers start a search for motorcycle luggage, they will likely see hundreds of results, more than they can conveniently browse in one shopping session. To make buyers' searches easier, eBay provides a number of different filters that allow shoppers to narrow their results. As shoppers choose their preferences, eBay eliminates listings that do not match those preferences. The result is a list of products that are uniquely tailored for the buyer’s needs.

Bikers who are looking for motorcycle luggage will be able to select the type of luggage that they are looking for, their size preferences for the luggage, the condition of the luggage, the price range of the luggage, the brand of the luggage, and the color of the luggage. They also have a few options regarding sellers, location, and shipping.

Narrowing Results by Size

Size is a crucial factor when selecting motorcycle luggage. Luggage that is too large can weigh down the motorcycle and can cause drag, lowering the cycle’s speed and efficiency. Buyers should carefully consider the length of their road trip and should consider all of the activities that will be involved. They should make a list of everything that they need to bring with them, eliminating anything that is not vital to their comfort and safety. Motorcycle luggage sizes are typically available in a number of sizes, including 18 inches and under, 19 to 22 inches, 23 to 25 inches, 26 to 28 inches, and 29 inches and beyond. Luggage in the 18 inches and under category is typically more practical and more popular for the average motorcycle road trip. Some longer trips may require that bikers carry more with them and may thus necessitate larger pieces of luggage.

Narrowing Results by Condition

When it comes to selecting the condition of their motorcycle luggage, buyers can typically choose from a few different categories. Buyers should view the chart below for a brief description of each type of condition.



New With Tags

Luggage defined as new with tags is brand-new and has never been used. It still has all of its original tags and labels attached by the retailer and/or the manufacturer.

New Without Tags

The luggage is new and has never been used. However, for one reason or another, all of the tags have been removed.


Pre-owned luggage has been owned and used by another biker.

Not Specified

The seller of luggage designated as not specified did not specify its condition by selecting a category. However, the item details should include information about the condition of the luggage.

If buyers plan to purchase used or pre-owned motorcycle luggage, they should ensure that they have plenty of photos and information about the pieces. The luggage should not have any grease stains, rips, or heavy wear. The interior of each piece of luggage needs to be clean, and there should be no unpleasant odors. If possible, buyers should inspect the pieces in person before purchasing them.

Narrowing Results by Price Range

Owning a motorcycle may not be as expensive as owning a car is, but it does involve some initial investment in the cycle itself and in all of the necessary gear. Many bikers purchase a motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle pants, and other motorcycle gear. On top of that, they may have monthly loan payments, insurance premiums, regular maintenance, and fuel costs to consider. With all of these expenses, motorcycle owners may have a limited budget for their motorcycle luggage. They will want to find luggage that they can afford. eBay offers a price filter that makes it easier for buyers to stay within their budget. They can enter the minimum and maximum price that they want to pay for their motorcycle luggage, and eBay automatically filters out all results that do not fall within those price limits.

Narrowing Results by Brand

Some buyers who are experienced in traveling by motorcycle may have a preferred brand of motorcycle luggage. eBay allows these buyers to filter their search results by brand. Some popular brands of motorcycle luggage include Buffalo, Embassy, Ogi, and Tumi.

Narrowing Results by Color

Some of the most popular motorcycle luggage is made of black or dark brown leather. However, a number of other colors are available on eBay. Buyers can select blue, black, green, purple, or red, according to their personal preference.

Narrowing Results by Seller

Frequent shoppers on eBay sometimes develop a preference for certain sellers. They can save these sellers to a My Saved Sellers list. Then, when shoppers are conducting a new search, they can check the box beside My Saved Sellers to show only the results that are available from those favorite sellers. If buyers want to see what is available from one particular seller, they can enter that seller’s eBay user ID to view those listings.

Narrowing Results by Location

Occasionally, buyers may prefer to purchase certain products from sellers within their area. They can enter their ZIP code and choose their preferred mile radius (for example, 50 miles), and eBay will automatically narrow the search results to those sellers who live within the specified zone. This feature is especially useful if buyers plan to pick up their motorcycle luggage in person rather than having the pieces shipped to them. They can choose to purchase from sellers within a reasonable driving distance and save money on shipping costs. Before planning an in-person pickup, buyers should always check with the seller. Some sellers like to maintain their personal privacy and do not allow face-to-face pickup or delivery. Others might accommodate such an arrangement, but may prefer to conduct the exchange in a neutral location rather than at their home.

Narrowing Results by Shipping

If buyers do not want to pay shipping fees or arrange an in-person pickup, they can check the box beside Free Shipping. This option will reveal all the listings for motorcycle luggage that include free shipping. In some cases, buyers may need their items to arrive quickly in time for an unexpected trip or for a friend’s birthday. They can check the box beside Expedited Shipping to see all of the listings from sellers who offer that option.

Contacting eBay Sellers

eBay has a number of policies and features in place to protect the anonymity and privacy of its buyers and sellers. One such feature is the communication process between buyers and sellers. Each listing includes an Ask a Question link that buyers can click to send the seller a private message. Sellers also have a Contact Member link on their profile page that can be used for the same purpose. Messages sent via these links allow eBay users to communicate about necessary details and arrangements without divulging personal contact information.

About Top Rated Plus Listings

Sometimes shoppers may see a listing that includes a Top Rated Plus seal. These special seals are posted on the listings of eBay’s top sellers. To receive such a seal, sellers need to meet certain criteria. They must have high-quality products and must have earned top customer ratings. They usually ship items quickly, within one business day, and they often include tracking information for the benefit of their customers. Top Rated Plus sellers also offer return policies, usually promising a full refund on the cost of the item if it is returned within 14 days. Buyers that are looking to invest in some motorcycle luggage should consider obtaining it from one of eBay’s Top Rated Plus sellers.

About eBay Stores

Buyers who prefer a retail-style shopping session rather than the auction format may want to check out eBay Stores. eBay Stores is a large area of eBay’s website that includes online shops that are owned by eBay sellers. In the eBay Stores section, search results for motorcycle luggage will be displayed by store rather than by product.


Motorcycle owners who are planning an overnight stay or a long road trip will need some motorcycle luggage in which to stow their personal belongings, such as cosmetics and extra clothes. Since the extra bulk of the luggage can increase drag and lower efficiency and speed, buyers should ensure that the luggage that they choose is slim and streamlined. The luggage should attach securely to the cycle, it should be made of strong, durable material, and it should have sturdy clasps, zippers, or buckles that will not come undone during travel. There should be enough space and enough compartments within the luggage to accommodate everything that the rider needs. Most owners will also want the bags to be visually appealing, serving as a complement to the overall style and look of their bike.

Before shopping for motorcycle luggage on eBay, buyers should take a few moments to consider what they will need to carry with them on an average trip. They should also think about their budget for motorcycle luggage. If buyers have a plan in place and understand what they need in a new set of motorcycle luggage, they will be more likely to have a satisfactory shopping experience.