DIY Motorcycle Luggage Rack

Motorcyclists often relish traveling on the open road with their bikes. Motorcycles can be a great way to travel; however, they aren't the optimal vehicles for transporting luggage.

DIY Motorcycle Luggage Rack

To carry bags on a motorcycle, a luggage rack will need to be secured to it. If purchasing a rack isn’t in the traveling budget, bikers can make their own luggage racks. One can be made by using sheet metal. It doesn’t require much expense or time. It just takes a little bit of patience and a few tools.


Some tools are needed to get started:
• Sheet metal shears
• Sheet metal
• Drill with a metal-cutting bit
• Tape measure
• Metal bracket
• Nuts and bolts
• Cardboard
• Marker

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the space available for accommodating the luggage rack. The luggage rack will have to go around the width of the seat, and it will also extend a slight distance over the back fender
  2. Create a template by using a piece of cardboard. Usually, luggage racks are rectangle shaped with an indent that is designed to allow room for the back of the motorcycle seat. Keep making different templates until a suitable one is found. It will also be necessary to measure the size of the luggage. This will ensure that it will fit well on the luggage rack.
  3. Use the marker to outline a template on a piece of sheet metal.
  4. Use a pair of metal sheers to cut the luggage rack out of the sheet metal.
  5. Cut three pieces of sheet metal that measure approximately two inches high and the same length as the rack. These strips will be the sides of the rack; they will prevent the luggage from falling.
  6. Drill holes for three metal brackets on each lip. There should be one bracket for each corner. There should also be one bracket for the middle. Attach them to the lip with nuts and bolts.
  7. Fasten the metal lips to the luggage rack. Place them in position, and use the marker to mark where the bracket holes should be drilled on the rack. Drill the holes, and use the nuts and bolts to attach each lip to the rack.
  8. Place the luggage rack on the seat where it will be positioned. Four bolts will be needed to secure the luggage rack to the motorcycle. The bolts will go through the back fender. Use a marker to indicate where the holes should be made on the rack.
  9. Drill the holes into the luggage rack. Place the rack back on the seat, and use a marker to indicate where the holes need to be made on the fender of the motorcycle.
  10. Drill holes into the fender of the motorcycle. Attach the rack to the motorcycle by securing it in place with the bolts.

Commercially Made Racks

For those who have trouble with DIY projects, there are many commercially made motorcycle luggage racks. Generally, they aren't extremely expensive, but buyers will have to search through the different types and price ranges to find the motorcycle luggage rack that is most suited for their bikes. Of course, that will mean taking measurements to ensure that the right type of luggage rack is purchased.

Weather Proofing

Riders should be certain that the bags being placed on their DIY racks can withstand moisture and other weather conditions they may encounter while traveling on the open road. There are many types of luggage bags that can be purchased in motorcycle specialty stores. However, they may not have every type or style that can fit a particular bike. They often have to be ordered, which can be quite inconvenient.

Buying Motorcycle Luggage Racks and Accessories

eBay sells just about every type and style of motorcycle rack and luggage. Preferred luggage types will depend on the needs of the rider. Riders who like the idea of being able to quickly grab their luggage off of the rack probably don't need to concern themselves with the locking luggage products. However, those who enjoy the security of having their luggage locked up will find many options listed on eBay. To find the rack or luggage that suits them, consumers should browse eBay's Motorcycle Parts & Accessories category.


Many luggage racks attach to the sissy bars of motorcycles. This type of attachment is a handy way of storing luggage because it doesn't get in the way of riders or passengers. It is one of the most chosen types of luggage carrying solutions among motorcycle riders