Best GoPro Mounts for Motorcycles

One of the best new gadgets for extreme sports lovers are GoPro cameras. These attach to helmets, motorcycles, and more, and helps a person record all their tricks and stunts easily, the camera always pointed in the right direction.

Best GoPro Mounts for Motorcycles

However, when buying a GoPro camera, it is also important to find a great mount to make sure that it always remains in place and is securely attached for the camera’s own protection as well. When looking at motorcycles, there are plenty of options. Here is a look at the best GoPro mounts for motorcycles.

Delkin Fat Gecko Suction Mount

Probably one of the best GoPro mounts for motorcycles is the Delkin Fat Gecko Camera and Camcorder Mount. This is a suction mount, and doesn’t just work for GoPro, but for just about any other small camcorder as well. This has a rugged construction and is very durable, which is important when holding an expensive camera. This is also multi-purpose, and can hold GPS systems and more. It has a 360 degree tilt, turn, and rotation, and is held down with dual suction cups for ultimate security.

Panavise Suction Cup Mount for GoPro

Panavise makes some nice camera suction cup mounts as well. The Panavise 809 works great for GoPro cameras. They also attach easily to allow a person to move it from vehicle to another. This comes with a 1/4-20 stud with a locking ring for security and the suction cup pads are very powerful and attaches to numerous surfaces, including fiberglass. This has a full range of motion with 360 degree rotation and works for camera up to three pounds.

Arkon CMP214 Mini Camera Suction Mount

The Arkon CMP2014 suction mount for windows that could work on a motorcycle. It works but is a little more limited that others because it only rotates about 45 degrees in either direction, which severely limits what can be shot. The mount would need to be vertical to the mount and the suction cup also isn’t as strong.

Satechi SCH-22 Camera Holder and Suction Cup Mount

The Satechi SCH-22 is a suction cup mount for motorcycles and it a small unit, at about 67.5 mm. This mount has a rotating collar at the bottom that a person pulls the suction cup’s vacuum with. There is also a sticky surface for people who want to attach it to the motorcycle helmet instead. This is 150 mm tall and has serrated joints to align the camera to the right angle. The top is a screw-on only mount, which means the camera does not stay as steady as other models.

RAM RAM-B-166-202AU Ram Mount Twist Lock

RAM mounts are made for various devices, including GPS systems, radios, and more, and they specialize in systems made for motorcycles. They also have the RAM-B-166-202AU Ram Mount Twist Lock which works perfectly for a GoPro mount for motorcycles. This is a robust metal mount that uses their patented suction cups and a flip level to suction it to the motorcycle. It has a 60 mm upper plate, so this won’t work on smaller motorcycles. It extends to 170 mm. 

Mini Camera Suction Mount

For someone looking for a budget option when it comes to GoPro mounts for motorcycles. This has no brand name and the cost is just a fraction of what other mounts charge. It is one of the smallest mounts available, which works well for smaller motorcycles. It has a locking collar on the tripod mount, which is good. It doesn’t hold the camera as steady as others and it won’t last as long, but it is a great option for someone who doesn’t have money to spend on a better one.

How to Buy the Best GoPro Mounts for Motorcycles

It is easy to buy the best GoPro mounts for motorcycles on eBay. Just type in the term “GoPro mounts for motorcycles” to the search box that is located at the top of every eBay page and then scan through the results, Make sure the height and rotation works well for a particular motorcycle and that it is not too big for smaller bikes. With enough knowledge, a motorcycle mount can be found for any extreme athlete.