8 Essential Motorcycle Tyre Tools and Accessories

Although a motorcycle's tyres are not usually the first thing onlookers notice, owners should not underestimate the tyres' importance. Tyres suffer a lot of wear and tear, so they need to be repaired or replaced more than any other motorcycle part.

8 Essential Motorcycle Tyre Tools and Accessories

Motorcycle owners can save themselves time and money by investing in certain essential motorcycle tyre tools and accessories to maintain and repair their tyres throughout their lifespan. Some deals on motorcycle tools and accessories include rim strips, motorcycle wheel weights, tyre locks, tyre irons, Dynabeads, and other various tools and accessories used in installing and maintaining motorcycle tyres.

Motorcycle Tyre Tools and Balancing

The tools in the following sections are necessary for the overall care and maintenance of a motorcycle tyre. They are especially handy for the motorcycle owners who prefer upgrading and repairing their bike themselves to taking it to a shop.

Tyre balancing is an important part of motorcycle tyre care. A balanced tyre lasts longer and provides more traction. Generally, the wheel has a heavy spot, which is often located near the valve stem. Motorcycle owners can balance the wheels by adding extra weight to the side of the tyre opposite the heavy spot.

1 - Tyre Tamer/Tire Tamer

The tyre tamer is a vital tool for a motorcycle owner who wants to install rim locks, a valve stem, and tubes without visiting a tyre shop. Anyone who has ever tried to install a motorcycle tyre tube on their own understands the value of a tyre tamer. It lets the user pry the tyre away from the rim using only one hand. It is small, portable, and it eliminates bruised knuckles during tube changes and installations.

2 - Tyre Iron Set

Tyre irons are a requirement for changing tyres. They work as braces to remove the tyre from the rim. Tyre irons vary in design, length, and fabrication, so buyers should choose one best suited for their motorcycle tyres. The aim is not to find the heaviest or longest tyre iron available, because the user might break the rim with too much force and bad technique. As a rule of thumb, refrain from buying a tyre iron that is much longer than a man's hand. Tyre irons are often sold in pairs, and some come equipped with wrench handles.

3 - Bead Breakers

Bead breakers are small tools used in conjunction with tyre irons to break the tyre bead during a tyre change. The tyre bead is the thinned edge of the tyre that fits into the rim. Sometimes the bead of a tyre can become rusted or frozen onto the rim, and thus requires a bead breaker to remove it.

4 - Dynabeads

Dynabeads are small ceramic beads within the tyre to balance the wheel while the motorcycle is in use. The beads distribute their weight and position based on the adjustments needed for balancing each tyre. Do not confuse Dynabeads with the bead of a tyre. Overall, the Dynabeads promises a smooth ride, without the need for rim weights. They never need reinstalling and they improve the life of the tyre. Persons interested in Dynabeads should also consider a Dynabead applicator.

5 - Wheel Weights

Owners who do not have access to, or are not interested in, Dynabeads can find a ready supply of motorcycle wheel weights. Wheel weights come in two main types depending on the type of motorcycle wheel . Adhesive steel weights tend to be the more popular. They are placed along the side of the rims after the owner determines the wheel's heavy spot. The other type of wheel weight is used on spoked wheels, and is designed with a groove to fit around a spoke in the wheel.

6 - Valves and Valve Caps

Tyre valves should be changed each time the tyre is changed. In addition, owners should inspect their tyres occasionally and replace the valves if they contain cracks. Valve caps help counter core contamination or loss in pressure. In essence, should anything happen to the core seal of the valve, the cap serves as a backup to seal the air in.

7 - Motorcycle Rim Strips

The rim strips are placed between the spoke nipples and the inner tube of the wheel. The strip is made from rubber to protect the tube from being pierced by the spokes.

8 - Tyre Pressure Gauges

Motorcycle owners should own a tyre pressure gauge, because inconsistent air pressure not only affects the tyres and the quality of the ride, but also fuel consumption. Tyre pressure gauges emit their readings in pounds per square inch (PSI), and buyers have several types of gauges to choose from. Some resemble small pens, while others are equipped with a dial and a small hose that connects to the valve stem. These are great for motorcycles because users can more easily reach the valves. Buyers can also find high-end electrical gauges with large digital screens, although these tend to be the most expensive type.

Cost Analysis

As with any purchase it is necessary to determine what the cost is in overall ownership. While some items may last through years of use, other items are repaired more frequently.

Item Relative Cost
Tyre Tamer / Tire Tamer $$$$
Tyre Iron Set $$$
Bead Breaker $$$$
Dynabeads $$
Wheel Weights $
Valves and Valve Caps $ to $$
Motorcycle Rim Strips $
Tyre Pressure Gauge $ to $$


Sometimes if you purchase items in pairs, or in bulk, the price is reduced. Alternatively, if you purchase used items you can save even more money on the essentials.

How to Buy Motorcycle Tools and Accessories on eBay

eBay makes it easy to find tools and accessories for motorcycle tyres. Simply perform a search from any eBay page for motorcycle parts and accessories, then filter your search to find the specific items on your shopping list. Additionally, you can search for specific items to shorten the filtering process. For instance, you can search for motorcycle tyre irons to return only tyre irons listings. You can do the same for other items on your list.

Motorcycle owners should ensure they have the appropriate tyre tools and accessories to maintain, change, and repair their tyres.